Our Worship Services

Our worship service is structured to intentionally direct our hearts to God.

You will find a quiet formal atmosphere that prevails throughout our worship service that lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes singing Psalms, prayer and reading Scripture. The worship service centers around the preaching of the Word of God, based either on a portion of Scripture or on a Scriptural doctrine as outlined in the Heidelberg Catechism. We desire to keep the Lord's Day holy in accordance with the Ten Commandments.

As you come to church, you will be greeted by someone at the door. The greeter will provide a bulletin and order of worship, point you to the sanctuary, or help you with your children to nursery.

During worship, we use the King James Version (1611) of the Bible and sing from the Psalter (1918). You will find these in the pew in front of you.

Worship involves the entire human being - mind, heart and hands. We pray that your minds will be informed, your heart expanded and your hands loosed to live all of life in worship of the God who made us and also proclaims redemption.